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The price is just a number

It's not typical for a marketing agency to openly discuss pricing. There are usually so many variables that can impact cost that it's nigh on impossible to disclose anything remotely accurate. Of course, you could potentially publish the day rates for your staff but this can trigger knee-jerk reactions in customers who perceive your rate card as 'expensive'. Whilst it might appear to be at face value the day rate doesn't tell the full story, it's just a number. It doesn't describe the experience, expertise and value an individual can bring to bear. This is why agencies ask for briefs or initial conversations so they can understand requirements and importantly describe how or if the agency can meet them. This is why agencies don't have pages on their websites called 'Pricing'. So why have we?

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Give buyers what they want

Whether we like it or not a lot of our potential customers want an early indication of price. This is typically desired before they're willing to give up any time to directly engage in conversation. Agency purists would argue that a customer focussed on cost and not willing to talk, isn't worth speaking to. Whilst we can certainly understand this view we can't ignore the fact buying behaviors have changed. Research forms a critical part of the buying journey and inevitably cost features as part of this exercise. Therefore If providing some information on pricing helps the buyer and their journey then so be it.

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Indicative Pricing

The projects and managed services we provide for our clients come in all different shapes and sizes. As a result we do not fix costs until we know the full scope of what we need to do. However, to help manage expectations and give some guidance we've developed this really simple pricing tool:

Project Costs: £5,000.00Time: 3 weeks
Managed Services
Monthly Costs: £2,500.00Size of Delivery Team: 1 to 2

The best way to arrive at an indication of what a service or a project might cost is to have a good old-fashioned conversation. No obligation or formalities needed just an initial chat to talk through what you're looking to do.