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Purpose and People


What am I?
our back story

What am I?

When Bridge was founded in August 2018 we didn't really know what it was or what it sold. However, we did know two things. Firstly, we wanted to specifically focus on the rapidly growing Sales Enablement category and second, explore how we could leverage our unique expertise in B2B marketing, sales and tech. The plan stopped there. Where would this take us? We didn't really know if we're being honest but that was the attraction. A few years on with hundreds of meetings, events, R & D, a boatload of evangelising and some fantastic projects under our belt we've got a better idea of who we are and the value we can bring to our customers. Phew.


Leadership Team

Founder & Principal Consultant

James Smee

James is a C-level B2B marketer with experience working both client & agency side. An entrepreneur who co-founded and built from the ground up the highly decorated digital agency Purestone with a final sale to global communications agency LEWIS in 2013. In August 2018 James launched Bridge, a new agency solely focussed on providing services to the emerging sales enablement community. Shares a surname with Captain Hook's sidekick.

James Smee

Matt Dyment

Ross Barker

Anna Allison


Sarah Bainbridge-Seevinck

Niek van Sleeuwen


Our way of working

We've worked in agencies and companies both big and small. We've luxuriated in a sea of bean bags, bean to cup coffee machines, and 'bagel Fridays'. Nice to have but not essential. We've learned that great collaboration isn't about the right space but the right mindset. We firmly believe that doing great work isn't anchored to a physical location but to experience, inspiration and belief. Of course, having a nice office (and we have one of these) is important but it won't bring your clients and staff long term job satisfaction and instill loyalty. This is why we operate a flexible working model that allows our staff to self-manage where they work from each day. We had this in place and believed in from day 1 (not triggered by a global pandemic!). We share this with you, not as some agency "fluffery" but because it's important. We want our clients to work with us for who we are and what we do, not where we work.

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