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Dysfunctional trinity
the problem

A dysfunctional trinity

In recent years a whole lot has changed in B2B marketing and sales but a whole lot hasn’t. The same underlying principles that have always propped up our industry remain. We’ve still got buyers who are paid to buy. Sellers who are paid to sell to them. And marketers who are paid to market to them. Yes, buyer dynamics and behaviours have shifted but the basic drivers haven’t. And unless we didn’t get the memo, we’re still human beings, who let’s face it aren’t half as complex as we like to think. Give me what I want, in a way I like, that will make me look good. This remains the B2B buyer soundtrack that plays day in, day out. The problem is many B2B brands have lost sight of this. We haven't. We bring a single-minded focus and dedication to delivering the buyer journey your customers want.

strip it back

The conversation quadrant.

The bright lights and bushy tails of 8000+ martech vendors continue to turn heads and deepen pockets as businesses seek a barrel full of silver bullets to help them keep pace with changing buying behaviours. All the while marketing and sales build out their technology fiefdoms that increasingly groan and creak under the weight of board expectancy. And whilst tech has given us a multitude of platforms to engage more effectively with buyers it’s also cloaked marketing and sales practices in layers of complexity. MQL’s, SQL’s, ABM, MA, CRM have spewed forth into our vernacular, encased in a thousand frameworks and methodologies. Meanwhile marketing and sales charge on regardless in pursuit of glory, leaving buyers to engage on two fronts, not one. The net result is often a fragmented and dysfunctional buyer journey that breeds frustration, not sales. Our approach is to simplify. Strip things back and get to the core drivers that move and motivate a buyer. What's the conversation they want to have? Self serving? Guided? Tactical? Big picture? We will help you to understand what this looks like for you and importantly the approach needed to address it.

A blended approach

Bridge helps B2B businesses have the conversation the B2B buyer wants to have. We do this by blending expertise in marketing, sales and technology. We deliver this through our managed service capabilities.

tech + human

Leveraging martech the right way.

Martech is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand it grants us superpowers to engage our audiences both at scale and on an individual basis. We can amplify and execute our strategies with a fraction of the headcount we needed a decade ago. On the other, it can be a dizzying task to select the correct tech for your needs and once you've got through that you need the skills and expertise to get value from it! This is where, again, we simplify things for you. We've done the hard yards on your behalf. We've researched, tried and tested platforms. We've made mistakes, so you don't have to. We follow best practice when its good practice and ignore it when it's not. We firmly believe technology enables great marketing and sales but it can't do this alone, regardless of where it features in a quadrant or a wave. We love technology. Without it we couldn't do, what we do. However, it's an enabler, an accelerant to the strategy, the content, the customer conversation. It's a part, not the whole. Our trusted, best in class technology partners think the same and are as passionate as we are about providing a best in class bridge to help get your buyers from B to B.

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