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Like many B2B organisations CloudSense is on a journey to transform its selling approach from product focussed to consultative. This industry-wide trend has been driven by significant shifts in B2B buying behaviors that have seen customers increasingly demand a more elevated conversation based on big-ticket commercial objectives and not tactical pain points. However, for Cloudsense, making this step-change isn't an overnight exercise but a change in the management process needing to redefine a long-established sales culture. To help them achieve this Bridge were brought in to conceive, design and develop a new guided selling web application.


A series of discovery sessions were held whereby Bridge could establish the current state of the sales approach versus the desired one. This included spending time with members of the sales team to hear and see firsthand how they ran customer meetings, what approaches they applied, and the type of materials they used to support this engagement. Following this process, the concept of a 'needs analysis' customer consultation tool was drawn up and a structure built out to facilitate this. Wireframes were developed, reviewed and refined leading to a fully functional prototype which was roadtested by a carefully selected sales advisory group. This prototype then went through a 3 month technical development phase resulting in the final release of a fully functional, browser-based web application for use by CloudSense sales reps the world over.

Screenshot from CloudSense web app


- Powerful and intelligent consultation tool capable of mapping customer needs across 6 central commercial themes and 8 stages of progression - Ability capturing ad-hoc customer information - Secure and accessible from any web browser and all devices except Smartphones - Generation of custom, personalised and branded Powerpoint output to reflect the findings from the consultation - Intelligent live mapping of relevant case studies based on customer needs

PPT Output Screenshot

So what?

*30% time-saving in the sales cycle by consolidating 3 meetings to 1 *100% positive customer feedback *20% + time-saving through auto-generation of PPT slideware

Screenshot from Cloudsense Needs Analysis Tool