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Due to Deliveroo's explosive growth, it had been over 12 months before its Sales Enablement teams were able to stop, take a breath, and evaluate the key activities its commercial and sales teams were undertaking. One area of concern was the format, content, and delivery of important presentations to both internal and external audiences. Feedback indicated presentations weren't 'landing' in terms of impact and understanding. Bridge were brought in to work alongside the Sales Enablement team and bring about some marked improvements.

Example image from Deliveroo reworked PPT templates


Bridge ran a series of workshops bringing together stakeholders and members from a variety of sales, marketing and enablement teams. During these sessions, the purpose and objectives behind presentations were defined and a set of new narratives storyboarded to support this. Against this backdrop, a full review of presentation materials was conducted to ascertain what was working and what wasn't. An evolution to the design, layouts, builds and content types were developed by Bridge to help presenters deliver far more consistent, visually engaging, and attention-grabbing presentations.

Screensot from Deliveroo training module developed by Bridge


* A series of workshops to build consensus and understanding of the problem across a wide range of stakeholder groups * Full audit and review of existing presentation materials * New structure and narrative for 4 presentations types * Design of new PPT presentation style guidelines and templates * Development of custom graphics and animations * Full production of 4 x custom training video modules on presentation techniques

Screensot from Deliveroo training module developed by Bridge

"The team at Bridge instinctively understand Sales Enablement and use this as a basis to deliver some really great work across a number of different areas."

Laura Valerio, Global Head of Sales Enablement @ Deliveroo